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Prompt explanations for March 2022

It goes without saying that some prompts are pretty easy and an idea may instantly spring to mind! But there are also those which are a little more difficult to interpret! Some of these prompts are deliberately kept vague so that you can interpret them as you wish and so it allows for a wider variety of posts! This page is to help you find your way with those prompts that are a little more difficult. Listed below you'll find the full list of prompts and a brief explanation of my thinking behind them and a few suggestions on ways that you can use them. These are just ideas and I'm not saying you should follow these! I'd like you to interpret them in your own way! Just think of this as a little help if you are a bit stuck! If you're still really stuck, feel free to join the challenge Facebook group!

1. You & your work - Tell the world about the maker behind the makes AND what you make! Sometimes it’s easier if we’re not the only thing the image is focusing on! Who are you? Is it just you? Do you have a team? Introduce yourself. What do you like? Where are you based? What makes you, you? Take a selfie or draw a portrait. As difficult as it can be to show our true selves at times, people do love to see the maker behind the magic and get to know you better. If you're not ready for a full-on selfie, could you find other ways to show who you are? Perhaps it could be you working so you're distracted and not looking directly into the camera. Perhaps if you're an illustrator you could draw yourself. Or if you have a favourite photograph of yourself could you style it amongst your products so it's not necessarily the main focus? Either way, we all look forward to getting to know you!

2. Brand values - do you have a set of beliefs and values that you use to guide you in your day to day running of your handmade business? What is important to you? For some it might be recycling materials and reducing the use of plastics. For others, community could be at the heart of everything they do. Or perhaps happiness and fun is a really important part of your business? Do you have a particular brand message you try to work to?

3. Planning - how do you plan new ranges? Your time? Your week? Everything you do in general? Do you even have a plan? Or are you more of a wing it as you go kind of person? Do you have a bullet journal? Do you make lists? Do you have scraps of paper or do you rely solely on yourself remembering to do things?

4. 3 things... - think of this as a ‘3 fun facts’ type of thing! You could base them on you, a product, a range, a part or all of your business. Try to think of 3 things that your followers might not know about you, your products or your craft!

5. Free - anything marked as 'free' are the weekends! It's entirely up to you if you want to post on these days! You could use them to post about things that aren't included in the challenge, or as time to catch up on days you've missed. Or, if you're like me and just need a break from social media every now and then, it's a good chance to just relax and spend some time in the real world!


6. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

7. Favourite - this is open to so many things! There is no right answer to this one! What is your favourite make? Colour? Material? Tool? Font? Design? Do you have a favourite shop? Favourite maker? What is your favourite thing about being a maker? Being creative? Doing this as your business or side hustle? Do you have a favourite side of your working space? Favourite way of doing something? Favourite photo? Favourite story? What is your favourite product to make? What do you enjoy making the most? Why is it your favourite? Is it the over all design, the process, the reaction from your customers or followers? Perhaps theres a back story?

8. Best Decision - what did you decide to do that has been the best decision you’ve made? Did you buy some new equipment? Tried something new? Removed a process or something that wasn’t quite working for you? Made a new product? Stopped selling something that didn’t you bring you joy anymore? Moved premises? Got an accountant? Opened a real-life high street shop? Or perhaps just starting your business altogether has been rewarding?

9. Hands at work - Show your hands mid make! What do they do? How hands on are your makes? Perhaps it's as simple as holding a pen or paint brush. Or perhaps they are dry from saw dust or are covered in clay from throwing pots. How do you use them? What do you put them through?

10. Storage - how do you store your products or materials? What keeps your studio tidy? Or perhaps you create something that can be used as storage? What is it? How do you use it? What do you put in it?

11. Seasonal - do you make seasonal products? Yes? No? Why? Do you change your products with the seasons? Do you take inspiration from the seasons? Do some products sell better at different times of the year? Do you change your colour palette depending on the season? Do you have any products designed especially for an upcoming seasonal occasion such as Mother’s day or Easter?

12. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

13. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

14. The numbers - this can be a whole range of things! It could be a chance to talk about your pricing as I know some of you were keen to do this. Otherwise it could be anything from the number of products you have in a range, or how many items you have in your shop in total! Or maybe it’s how many sales you’ve had, or how many of one product you’ve made since you’ve starting making them! Or perhaps you have a huge stash of a certain part of your product e.g. over 1000 envelopes or maybe a ton or more of clay! Or it could even be to do with social media and how numbers on Instagram really don’t mean anything for example, a high number of followers does not equal lots of sales. It’s completely open to how you want to talk about it!

15. Time - how do you spend your time? Do you have limited time due to other commitments? Do you work in the morning or evening? How long does it take you from start to finish to make your product? Does one product take longer to make than another?

16. Goals - what do you want to achieve? Is there something within reaching distance that you’re aiming for? What is your dream? Where would you like to take your business? Did you set any new year resolutions for your business? Where are you currently with those?

17. Sneak peek - have you been working on something new? Can you show us a tiny something? Perhaps a colour, texture, tiny detail or hint at what you’ve been making? Or perhaps a small section of your rough drawings or plans?

18. Sell yourself - what makes your product different? Why should people buy it? What problem does it solve? Who is it aimed at? Is it a gift? Why does it make such a good gift? Why should people support your small business? Use today to really sell yourself and push what you do! I know it’s hard to do but we all need to do it from time to time!


19. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

20. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

21. Materials - what do you use to make your products? It doesn’t have to be everything! It could be a set of paints you’ve had since college, your iPad for your digital work, your go to fabric when making something new or materials in their raw state such as clay before it’s moulded into something beautiful! Whatever you use to create, we want to see it!

22. Mistake/lesson - What has been your biggest mistake, lesson or challenge that you have had to over come? Perhaps you're still in the middle of it? Are things how you thought they would be? What have you learnt from it? What you say to anyone else going through the same thing? It doesn't have to be anything big, perhaps you've had to learn a whole new skill set? Perhaps you've had to learn a new piece of software and it wasn't as easy as you expected? Or maybe you've had to shift your whole business in a new direction after the pandemic brought about a lot of change. Or perhaps there has been something in your personal life which has made finding time to be creative difficult. It's all valid not matter how big or seemingly small.

23. Product range - Show us a product range (or even just a product) and tell us everything there is to know about it. Why did you make it? Why do you like it? Does it have a story? Who is it aimed at? What have people said about it? How long have you made these? Is it a new range? Perhaps it's your best seller. Either way, show off something you've made and sell it to us!

24. Milestone - what have you achieved recently? We all need to celebrate our successes at time to time before we chase after the next milestone so let’s do that today! There are no milestones too big or too small! They’re all equally valid! Did you get your first sale? Your 100th sale or perhaps you’ve just opened your shop! Maybe you’ve reached a nice round number of reviews or achieved a goal that you’ve been working towards? Either way tell us all about it and we can celebrate it together!

25. Workspace - This one is entirely up to you! Are you generally immaculate or are you surrounded by paper, lists, materials, off cuts and chaos! If you're torn over what you want to show, a before and after tidy up could be really interesting! Either way, show what's right for you! Workspaces can be spare bedrooms, offices, sheds, kitchen tables, and even your sofa! It's where ever you get creative! There is no right or wrong for this one.

26. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

27. Free - post anything you like, catch up, or take a break!

28. Low stock - do you have something which you’re running low on? Or a product that you’re almost out of and won’t be bringing back or there will be a very long wait time until it’s back in stock? This is your chance to let people know before it’s too late! Or perhaps you only make one of each item therefore each and every one you make is slightly different. Perhaps you prefer to hold as little stock as possible or you work in small batches.

29. New vs old - this is always a fun one to see progress and how far you’ve come! Post an image of something you made when you were first starting out compared to something that you’ve recently made! Are there any notable differences? Or perhaps you’ve had a product for a long time and fancy giving it a makeover or glow up! Show us the before and after! Or maybe your photography has changed a lot recently and the new vs the old are completely different! No matter how you look at this, it’s always interesting to see where we started to where we are now!

30. Day in the life - what would it look like if you had a camera crew follow you around all day? Take a few snaps and make a carousel of what you get up to! Or perhaps create a small reel of all of the tasks you have to do. Or maybe jump on stories and fill us in throughout the day with what you’re up to! Make it as authentic as possible!

31. Looking forward - where do you see yourself in the future? In the next year? In the next 5 years? What are your plans and goals moving forward? Are you working to a timeline or are you just seeing where things go? Are you winging it and enjoying the journey? Or Is there something in particular that you're looking forward to in the next year or so?


And that's the end! I hope these gave you some good jumping points to help kick start your interpretations of these prompts! If you find you're still stuck, you could always reach out to other makers taking part or take a look at the hashtag to see how others have used that prompt within their business. Either way, don't over think it. You've got this and I can't wait to see what you post!