When is it and can I join in?

The challenge kicks off on Monday

1st March 2021 and absolutely everyone is welcome to take part. It doesn't matter if you're a hobby maker, or a small or big business. Everyone is welcome here.

How do I join in?

Simply take a photo for each day of the challenge relating to the prompt of that day and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker. Write  about your shot, e.g for 'workspace' show where you are creative.

I'm late to the party, can I still join in?

Of course! There are two ways you can still join in. Depending on how late you are, you can play catch up so that you don't miss a day. Or, if you'd prefer, simply jump in at a point that is suitable for you.

What happens if I miss a day?

Nothing! You're free to pick and choose how and when you want to take part. If you're uncomfortable with any of the prompts you don't have to post. Or, if you've missed a couple days, feel free to catch up or jump in where it's suitable for you.

I'm stuck, can you help me?

Joanne receives a lot of DM's during this time so may not be able to reply quickly to everyone. If you're really stuck, why not check out the help page for ideas on how you could interpret the prompts?

Can I story it?

Sure, but just remember stories vanish after 24 hours, so your posts won't be visible for the whole duration of the challenge. If you want to post on both the grid and stories, that's brilliant!

I don't make, can I still join in?

Of course! If you can find a way to interpret the prompts in a way that relates to your own business, go ahead. In the past social media managers and even dance teachers have taken part.

Can I reuse your prompts for my challenge?

Each challenge is Copyright to Joanne Hawker. It's great that you've been inspired by the challenge, but a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that it benefits everyone. It would be much appreciated if you could respect this.

How do I get featured?

I look for a number of things when I'm choosing images for my daily round up stories during the challenge. This includes the use of colour, composition, the lighting and the edit.

Maker Directory

Unfortunately, applications for the directory of maker's are now closed for this year! However, it will be open again for applications for 2022 in late January next year! I look forward to welcoming you into it next year!