#MarchMeetTheMaker 2020


Back again

Joanne Hawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker is back in 2020 for another month long challenge and strives to be bigger and better than before! Prepare yourself for a month of creative posting on Instagram, making new friends and discovering an incredible amount of new talent to follow. But most of all, prepare yourself for a month of fun and telling the world about YOU and what you make.

2020 see's the addition of new daily prompts. These were inspired by new ideas, discoveries and current trends. Some have even been suggested by you guys - the Maker Community itself. 

Show the world your authentic workspace, what you use to create your favourite make and some work in progress! There's something for everyone!

New daily posts

Plan with me

The best way to successfully complete this challenge, and to avoid any stress, is to plan ahead! That way you know what you're doing and when. This helps to prevent panic posting!

Download and print your free planning sheet (with space to jot down your ideas) now from the planner page to help you prepare, prevent panic posting to successfully complete the challenge! 

2020 see's the addition of 'friends' of the challenge. These are a special group of hand picked sponsors of #MarchMeetTheMaker.

They all provide goods or services that could help you up your small business game, learn something new or get nationwide exposure for your amazing makes. 

By supporting the friends of the challenge you are helping to support the future of this Instagram Challenge.

NEW For 2020

The Maker Collection


Need help with the challenge or want to be a part of a supportive, creative community? Then make sure you join the #MarchMeetTheMaker Community on Facebook. It's completely free and is a safe environment to ask questions, make friends and support each other. Please ensure you answer both questions to gain entry to the page! Don't worry, it's not a test! It's just to keep spam away!


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